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4.69sSome dumb bastard has nearly a million other dumb bastards following his every twit!
3.5sAre you dumb bastards listening to me, you dumb bastards?
2.22sWhy are you so angry, Mommy?
1.88sOh, I'm sorry.
3.27sI guess I'm just a little nervous about my evil plan.
2.72sYou dumb bastards!
3.65sYou see, the plan is about to enter phase two.
2.33sAs soon as someone reaches a million followers,
3.92sI'll use them to transmit the twit-worm.
5.04sMother, you devious hag. Tell us more about this twit-worm.
2.32sIt's a very special computer virus,
2.04sfor instead of infecting computers,
3.55sit infects the human brain.