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2.2sThe batteries in the remote are getting low.
2.8sNo! Put that back and turn it on!
1.6sI was just trying to help.
5.29sMore on this breaking puff piece after a word from our sponsor.
2.33sANNOUNCER: With the new eyePhone, you can watch, listen,
2.08signore your friends, stalk your ex,
1.87sdownload porno on a crowded bus,
2.6seven check your e-mail while getting hit by a train.
2.07sAll with the new eyePhone.
1.27sWOMAN: From Mom.
3.27sA new eyePhone? Forget this junk.
2.23sWell, this is a fine how-do-you-do!
1.02s- So long! - Sayonara.
1sBye-bye! Good riddance!
1.2s- Yup! - Toodle-oo.
2.27sCome on, let's buy some eyePhones online.