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3.7sSweet Georgia Brown of Kingston Town. It's a tie.
2.8sSince no one lost, no one has to jump.
2.38sAll right, a tie! I win again!
1.94sI'm a scuzzball.
3.1sDon't feel bad. At least you're not Leela.
1.18sA tie?
2.44sThis worked out better than I could have hoped.
2.15sNow I'll have two million zombies.
4.04sActually, Fry and Bender may share some of the same followers.
4.65sAll we can say for sure is that there will be between one million and two million zombies.
2.35sAll I can say for sure is...
3.74sNow, stop getting slapped and power up the twit-worm!