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0.77sLost 'em!
1.23sDag-blasted Lincoln lovers!
1.47sAnyone seen my foot?
1.9s"Man, was last night weird!
3.94s"I kissed a boy. But the truth is, I really like him as a friend.
1.3s"His name is Sam."
1sYou kissed Sam last night?
1.5sHow did you know?
2.43swell, You're saying it out loud. I could hear you in the other room.
3.34sY0u know, The weird thing is, kissing Sam kind of felt right.
3.47sBut I don't know if I can face him again. Brian, what should I do?
3.24sI haven't been this confused since the end of No Way Out!
3sHow does Kevin Costner keep getting work?
1.53sAh! How do I shoot? How do I shoot?
1.1sPress "B"! "B" button!
1.2sTelegram for Chris Griffin.
1.17sOh, He's not here.
1.03sWell, Where is he?
1.57sI can't release that information.
3.5sOh, uh, Did I say Chris? I meant Chris's sister.
4.6sOh! Oh, well, If it's for Meg, that's a whole other story. Here's her address.