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7.04sMy boyfriend, Prince William, got me this beautiful watch and this diamond tiara, and this wonderful scepter.
2.9sShe needs to get laid, big-time.
3sListen, Chris, I read a book saying that women are from Venus, all right?
7.31sso Here's what you get her. Thick layers of sulfuric acid, viscous surface rock and coronae which seem to be collapsed domes over large magma chambers.
1.03sHere's $5.
1.4sWell, That's ok, Dad.
1.82sI was thinking about getting a paper route,
2.2sso I could pay for Barbara's gift myself.
2.25sOh, well I think that's very sweet, honey.
2sOh, boy! I remember my first job.
1.8sI was in a folk-music trio.
2.54sHey, how about "Here's to you, Mrs. Fleckenstein"?
1.9sYeah, You've been pitching that for an hour.
1.67sBut It's just not a very attractive name.
1.25sOh, oh, fine. Fine.