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3.27sMom, Chris found a jar in the basement! And it has a hand in it!
3.47sI'm gonna plant it and see if a human grows!
3.87sWell, At least the T.V. gets decent reception.
1.77sHa! Must be some kind of nature show.
0.93sAh! Ah!
1.32sHelp! Help! Get it off! Get if off!
1.38sGreat! We're here 5 minutes,
1.84sand Dad gets mauled by a rodent.
1.33sThis place is horrible.
1.67sOk. Now, everybody calm down.
2.67sWe don't know anything about this community.
3.84sI bet if we explore the town, we'll each find something about it we like.
2.7sYou know, That's a great idea, Lois. I just got to hit the can.
1.92sUh, I think there's just an outhouse, Peter.
2.24sHEy, uh, Lois, I don't get how this works.
3.6sIt's just a hole. I don't think it goes anywhere.
2.27sNo, it definitely doesn't go anywhere.
1.13sOh, God!
2.6sOh, It's everywhere!
2.4sIt's in my raccoon wounds!
1.3sOh, God!
2.18sExcuse me. Do you have an A.T.M.?