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2.38sWe interrupt this program for a breaking news story.
6.44sWe now go live to the Rhode island State Penitentiary, where Asian reporter Trisha Takanawa is standing by. Trisha?
3.14sTom, I'm outside this maximum-security facility,
3.8sWhere a ruthless thug has engineered a daring escape.
1.57sSir, do you have any plans,
1.6snow that you're out of jail?
1.97sYeah. I'm gonna go bang my girlfriend,
2.4sand then I'm gonna kill Chris Griffin!
1.75sGood lord!
3.5sCan they really say "bang my girlfriend" on T.V.?
2.25sYou want to remove us from the area?
2.52sYes, ma'am. This criminal will stop at nothing to find your son.
2.73sSo We're placing your family in the witness protection program.
1.77sOh, Is Europe an option?