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1.87sNow, son, Your parents are on their way.
4.39sBut since time is a factor here, we'd like to get a positive I.D. as quickly as possible.
1.7sAre you sure he can't see me?
2.57sAbsolutely, Chris. You're 100 percent safe.
2.8sOkay, that's him. Number 6.
1.77sHi. Uh, Excuse me, you guys.
2.17sYeah, I'm here to pick up my son, Chris Griffin.
3.04sUh, He's here to finger the guy who held up that convenience store.
2.27sM-Maybe you've seen him. His name is Chris Griffin.
3.25sWait A sec, you know, I think I got a picture of him somewhere. Here you go.
3.04sYeah, You can go ahead and hang on to that. I got a ton of them at home.
6.77sIn fact, I was gonna throw that one out anyway, 'cause Chris messed it up by writing his school schedule and a list of his fears all over the back of it.
4.27sOh, We're so proud of you, Chris, for helping to put that horrible man in jail.
2.55sJeez, You couldn't have said it was Celine Dion. Huh?
3.07sO-Our one chance to put that showboating Canadian wench behind bars,
1.6sand you blow it.
2.32sWe now return to the E! True Hollywood Story.
3.2sB-by--By the 3rd season, I was completely wasted all the time.