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1.12sYou folks all right?
2.2sWow! You guys saved our lives.
6.74sAnd After I said that all Southern people have bad teeth and suffer from the gum disease known as gingivitis.
1.48sWell, We take care of our own.
3.54sAnd as long as y'all live here, y'all are Southerners, too.
1.27sWow, thanks!
1.23sIt's our pleasure.
2sSam, I'll see you at home.
3.57sYou know, I think the lesson here is it really doesn't matter where you're from,
2.57sas long as we're all the same religion.
1.9sIt was great having you in class, Meg.
1.8sI'm really gonna miss everybody.
4.44sWe didn't have no money for a present. So, we all just spit in a jar.
1.68sI can't believe you're leaving.
2.64sMe, either. I'll be sure to write.
1.94sAnd I'll be sure to learn to read.
2sAnd the next time I see a dead guy,
3.5sI'm gonna poke him twice as hard for both of uS.