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1.77sThat's why I ran away from you.
3.67sWell, You didn't have trouble talking to me when you thought I was a boy.
1.94sYeah, that's true.
1.43sJust pretend I'm a boy.
2.3sYou want to go down to the old town bridge and make out?
1.93sYes, sir!
3.27sAnd in the city, glasses are considered really sexy.
1.57sOoh! Wow!
3.04sDang! I hope her brother don't already have dibs on her.
2.39sMeg, Where's Chris? That criminal's here and he's after him.
2.59sHe's down by the old town bridge.
3.02sYou know, my brother is the one he's here to kill!
3.5sMy daughter would absolutely love you.
3.4sYou're so cute. You're like a skinny Garth Brooks.
1.37sI got you now, Griffin!
1.78sNot so fast, buddy!
1.03sWho are you?
2.77sOh, You can call me Officer T.J. Hooker!
2.73sSheriff Officer T.J. Hooker!
2.43sAnd this is my deputy, McMillan and Wife.