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1.07sAh! Ah!
1.58sOh, God! Ah! Ah!
1.15sHello, Mrs. Griffin?
2.37sYeah. Shh. Shut up. You guys, shut up.
2.54sYeah, Hi. Uh, This is the F.B.I. calling from your house.
0.77sOh, God!
1.83sOh, hi. How is everything?
1.9sgood, Good. Real good. Real good.
2.67sListen, uh, promise you won't be mad,
3.17sand it's probably nothing, but, um,
2.64syou know that criminal who's after your son?
1.97sYeah, he--He might know where you guys are.
2.7sPeter, that criminal is on his way here to kill Chris!
0.97sWe gotta call the sheriff!
1.67sHoly crap! I'm on it, Lois!
1.13sSheriff's Office.
1.64sYes, hello. This is Peter Griffin.
3.14sUh, I'd like to report a dangerous criminal who may be coming into town.
1.7sI--i'm sorry, Could you repeat your name?
3.14sYes, It's Peter Griffin. G-R-I-F-F-I-N.
1.5sWait a minute. You're the sheriff?
1.84sH-Hang on one sec, honey. I'm on the phone.
1.3sWho's that? My wife.
3.8sPeter, Chris is in danger! Do something! Round up a posse!
1.33sYeah, well, see I--
3.5sI kind of pissed off the whole town at that Civil-War reenactment.