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4.87s(BOTH GRUNTING) Stop it! No one was planned!
5.02sNow we have to pack for Great Uncle Tyrone's birthday tomorrow in Dayton.
1.43sDayton, Ohio!
6.1s(BOTH GROANING) It's got Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and a zipper museum!
2.22sThey have a zipper from every James Bond!
1.4sWhy are we even going?
4sLast year, Uncle Tyrone was bitter and depressed.
5.54sHappy birthday to you Why won't I die?
3.2sWe're staying at the Dayton Arms Hotel.
3.7sIt got three diamonds from Five Diamond magazine!
1.28sPlease don't make us go!
2.55sIf you make me get on that plane, I'll give myself diarrhea.
2.02sI know how! Okay, don't go!
2.3sJust stay here and rot with Grampa!
1.88sI'm only rotting on the right side!
2.69sI'll right side you!
2.73sAll right, kids. You don't have to go.
2.9sBut I insist we do something tonight as a family.