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4.6s(CHUCKLING) And now, my darling, it's finally time for romance.
2.92sBut before the intercourse, the dinner course!
1.32sYou guys lied to us!
1.25sYou probably do this all the time.
2.43sThis whole family is built on a tissue of lies and romance.
2.57sYeah, it's a tissue covered in blood and boogers!
2.8sWould you two just shut up!
1.42sSure, we lied.
5.64sWe lied so we could spend a single night as a married couple without worrying about you kids.
2.27sThose days are over. Give it up.
2.85s(SIGHING) You win, kids.
4.67sJust sleep here tonight and we'll all go back to Springfield tomorrow.
1.37sGreat! What do you want to play?
3.25sHow about the floor is made of lava?