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4.24si get to sleep at home tonight
4.07sHey, hey, I kid. I kid 'cause I love.
5.37sI tell ya, the best folk in the world are prison folk!
2.38sMan, those cons love Krusty.
2.97sInside every hardened criminal beats the heart of a 10-year-old boy.
1.77sAnd vice versa.
4.35sjust remember, Bart. Convicts aren't cool. They're bad people.
2.37sYeah, maybe so, but they get the job done.
3.34sHey! Now I know where my tax dollars are going.
3.87sHey, hey! It's my old TV sidekick, Sideshow Bob!
3.94sWhy, I haven't seen you in years! What have you been doing with yourself, Bob?