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3.8sSnigger all you like, Bob. Thank you. I believe I shall.
2.82sBut you'll find one gets more respect as a humble civil servant...
2.97sthan as a homicidal maniac or a clown's sidekick.
2.57sAha! I knew it!
2.3sYou're still angry that Krusty picked me instead of you.
3.44s- I can't imagine what you mean. - Oh, come now!
2.55sYou wanted to be Krusty's sidekick since you were five!
4.84sWhat about the buffoon lessons? The four years at clown college?
2.2sI'll thank you not to refer to Princeton that way.
3.82sThe point is you obviously still blame me for what happened at your audition.
2.02sThanks for driving me, big brother.
3.92sThese giant clown mitts are extremely hilarious, but do make it difficult to shift gears.
2.23sThat's the title of Erma Bombeck's latest, isn't it?
3.8sNumber 73. You're next. Make with the laugh-laugh.