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4.57sI just got promoted, and it's all thanks to "Yes, I cannabis."
2.23sHmm! We have a kitchen?
3.87sOh, now where are those three chandelier hangers I hired?
3.19sYou mutton head! This is why we can never hold down a job.
4.15sLook at Shemp. He is so high!
3.43sHey, Shemp is "hemp" spelled backwards.
4.24sAnd "Otto" is "Otto" backwards.
2sNow I'm scared.
4.35sHomie, I don't mean to nag, but what does this have to do with healing your eyes?
2.8sAs soon as I graduate, I am so outta here.
3.5sThis just in. The Marijuana Re-criminalization Initiative...
2.4stook another step forward today as supporters collected...
1.8sthe final signatures required...
2.43sto place it on the ballot for next Tuesday's election.
2.35sWe gotta get out and stop that initiative!