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3.1sSmithers, I need someone who laughs at all my jokes.
2.59sYou know, honest feedback.
3.84sOops. I thought this was the can, man.
3.19sWell, you're a happy Homer. What's your name, young man?
3.85sYou just said it!
2.95sWell, if you like that, listen to this.
2.17sWorking hard, or hardly working?
2.87sSmithers, you could learn a thing or two from this braying moron.
2.23sYoung man,
2.5sI'm making you my executive vice president.
3.44sSir, I believe that position was informally promised to me.
3.87sNo, Smithers. I would've said anything to get your stem cells.
2.49sNow, welcome aboard.
3.07sYou're covered with a very fine fuzz.