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1.6sWear your love like heaven
5.8sWear your love like heaven Hello?
2.8sMarge, I just realized.
5.54sI am the "ow" in the word "now."
1.93sAnd if you tell anyone--
4.04sHoney, I like it when you call, but we just talked five minutes ago.
3.19sHang on. I've got call waiting. Hello?
2.8sHey, it's me. I got Marge on the other line,
3.87sand she is totally bumming me out.
3.14sDad, I thought you didn't like her saxophone.
2.75sI didn't. But now, Daddy's special medicine--
3.34swhich you must never use because it will ruin your life--
3.02slets Daddy see and hear magical things...
3.24syou will never experience... ever!
4sDad, it's 1:00 a.m., and I'm out of saliva.