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1.53sOop! Broke my hip!
3.2sLook, honey. There's the manger for the Christmas pageant.
2.98sYou're gonna make the cutest baby Jesus ever.
3.99sSo, you want to dress me up and trot me about like a circus poodle, hmm?
1.43sHere, let me consult my agent,
2.35sMr. Irving R. Pointy Stick!
1.17sOh, Stewie,
1.72sno sweets before dinner.
2.25sMom, I'm freezing. Can we go home?
1.48sIn a minute.
2.23sWould you just look at this beautiful tree?
5.86sEvery year I look up at that star and I think of all of the joy and wonder that Christmas promises.
4sAnd that miracle that occurred on that silent winter's night.
1.83sHey, I'm on vacation!
1.73sHappy birthday, JesuS!
4.54s7 maids a-milking 6 maids a-milking 5 maids a--
2.44sBrian, you're not wearing the sweater I made you.
2.2suh, w-well, It's a little warm in here, you know?
2.37s"Don we now our gay apparel"