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2.17sAnd I've already had 4 eggnogs.
1.2sSo I guess you're it.
1.63sHa! That's a good one, Joe.
1.44sWay to get into the spirit, ha, ha.
1.67sI'm a cop first and a buddy second.
3.62sSo don't think I wouldn't throw your drunk-driving ass in the slammer!
1.9sAll right, let's a-wassaiL!
1.65sStewie, honey, time for bed.
2.67sYou have a big day tomorrow, baby Jesus.
1.97sTrust me, woman, if I could walk on water,
1.73sI would stroll you out to the middle of a lake
2.25sand hold your head under till the bubbles stopped!
2.55sOoh, Someone's being naughty, not nice.
2.13sYou know, Santa's watching you.
2.2sWhat the devil do you mean, "watching"?
3.1sWell, honey, Santa's making a list and checking it twice.
1.97sHe sees you when you're sleeping.
1.47sAnd he knows when you're awake.