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1.27sSo, uh,
1.7sYou guys know that Rudolph is on, right?
2.47sThank you for the lovely gingerbread house, Lois.
4.3sOh, yeah! It's perfect for all the happy, active gingerbread men.
2.52sExcept for the one with no legs!
2.64sLook at the parents telling their kids not to stare.
1.74s"How does his pee-pee work, Mommy?"
1.5sWell, I've got news for you, Becky.
1.57sNot so well!
1.55sJoe, you promised.
1.6sIt's Christmas.
2.85sUh, Joe had his accident at Christmas time.
5.72sCheck the balls on Uncle CharliE Yes! Time to go a-wassailing!
0.93sHey, Peter.
2.03sHi. I'm Prancer.
2.37sHey, Why don't you take Joe along?