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2.72slike Santy Claus or Mommy!
1.03sWhat the...
1.7sAhh! Take it off! take it off!
3.34sMust kill star.
1.5sDad, what happened to Mom?
1.93sWhat if she never comes back?
4.54sI think The bigger question is if this is the way she's gonna act at Christmas do we even want her back?
1.12sAll rIght, Which is better?
1.8sAround the waist or off the shoulder?
2.03sWaist? shoulder? Waist? Shoulder?
2.7sStewie, I thought you didn't want to be in the pageant.
0.9sOh, Megan,
4.32sSanta would think it terribly naughty of me not to fulfill my obligation to Mother.
1.98sYou know how much the pageant means to her.
1.57sWhere do you think she is?
5.25sWell, thank God years ago I planted a homing device in your mother's skull for just such an occasion.
2.19sI forgot. I also put 'em in a bunch of squirrels.