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2.62sLet's see now. Bulletin.
1.94sNew race discovered...
2.84sliving six inches under...
2.97sDenver. Oh, Dad.
2.37sAll named Morton--
2.24sOr Mortinson.
3.95sThis Mr. X says Spanish and Italian are the same language.
2.04sWell, that's surprising.
4.34sThey're controlling our minds with flu shots. I knew it!
3.47sWell, kids, now aren't you glad we don't believe in inoculations?
2.65sHey, Mr. X, I got a tip for you.
2sIn science class they're dissecting frozen hoboes--
2.1sAnd I have the bindles to prove it.
2.08sReal news is great, son,
4.27sbut I'm getting a thousand hits an hour with grade "A" bull plop.
5.24sGive me a hundred lotto tickets, Apu, because Mr. X is on a roll.
2.29sStop it, Apu. You're scaring me.