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2.03sDo you want turkey sausage or ham?
2.97sBring me two of every animal.
3.34sA new Internet watchdog is creating a stir in Springfield.
4.6sMr. X, if that is his real name, has come up with a sensational scoop.
0.37sDarn tootin'.
1.45sBut we must never forget...
2.17sthat the real news is on local TV,
4.1sdelivered by real, officially licensed newsmen like me, Kent Brockman.
2.94sComing up: How do they get those dogs to talk on the beer commercials?
1.83sCowboy Steve will tell you.
2.14sI'm happy you got the potholes filled,
3.09sbut it's still irresponsible to present rumors as facts.
2.1sMaybe you should quit while you're ahead.
2.7sNo way. Mr. X is gonna keep on diggin' and probin'...
2.94suntil every person in this town is in jail.