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1.94sLook at this sissy, Kiff.
6.52sWhile others were fighting and dying pointlessly he was hiding in a hole wallowing in a pool of his own cowardice.
1.12sThat wasn't cowardice.
1.6sI'm de-promoting you, soldier.
3.17sKiff, what's the most humiliating job there is?
2.27sBeing your assistant.
1.53sBeing your assistant.
3.72sPrivate Fry, you shall henceforth serve as Kiff's assistant.
1.23sThat doesn't sound too bad.
2.17sYou'll speak when I tell you to, you filthy worm!
2.34sI'm afraid he's gone.
1.13sWhoa, Doc, I ain't dead.
3.14sExcuse me. I believe I'm the doctor.
2sBelieve it all you want. That won't make it true.
2.24sThis isn't a war. It's a murder.
1.87sThis isn't a war. It's a murder.
2.3sBender, old buddy, hang in there.