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1.15sWhat? What is funny?
2.34sBender's got the upper hand now.
3.92sThe name of the game is make Bender happy or he blows up the planet!
5.65sI'd rather die and take everybody with me than sit here one more minute and listen to these idiots talk about bouncing.
1.28sPlease, stay calm.
2.1sThere's no need to bounce off the handle.
2.3sThat's it, I'm saying it!
0.16s"A" is for a...
1.38sWe give in to all of Earth's demands.
0.87sThe war is over.
1.97sOur home planet is yours.
1.43sAll right!
0.95sHey, wait a minute.
1.63sThis is your home planet?
1.97sWe're the evil invading aliens?
2.6sThen I guess you learned a valuable lesson.
1.88sDon't mess with Earth.
1.7sMay you bounce in peace.
2.5sGet the hell off my planet.