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3.9sSign here on the dotted line, patriots and I'll give you your discount cards.
0.97sjust out of curiosity--
3.34swe can use the cards to buy gum then immediately quit the army, right?
1.8sYou know, playing you all for chumps?
1.87sCorrect. There's no obligation.
2.94sUnless of course... war were declared.
1.57sWhat's that?
2.64sWar were declared.
6.47sNow, be careful, Fry and if you kill anyone, make sure to eat their heart to gain their courage...
1.7stheir rich, tasty courage.
3.27sI don't want you to worry about your jobs while you're away.
1.6sThat's why I'm firing you now.
1.13sI want to enlist.
2.5sMy friends always die if I'm not there to save them.
3.27sSorry, but the army's instituted a men-only policy.
1.5sIt's shameful, I agree.
5.87sIn the olden days, I proudly fought alongside female troops shoulder to, uh... shoulder.