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1.63sOf all the people you have known...
2.13swho might have reason to do you ill?
4.27sHmm. Well, there's Mr. Burns, Fat Tony...
3.16sthe emperor of Japan, ex-President Bush-
1.33sThe late Frank Grimes.
3.46sPBS, Stephen Hawking, the fat little Dixie Chick.
2.09sAnd the state of Florida.
2.03sHow can one ordinary man have so many enemies?
2.76sI'm a people person... who drinks.
2.47sHomer, in order to identify your assailant...
3.33sI must follow you through the course of a normal day.
1.9sJust do what you usually do...
2.03sand the killer will reveal himself.
2.53sf Wind Blo wing f
1.7sThis is a normal day?
2.06sI just wanted to impress you.