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3.05sWe interrupt this program for a Channel Five breaking news report.
5.87sThree local men have barricaded themselves inside a Quahog bar and are currently in a standoff with authorities.
1.87sWe now go live to Joyce Kinney,
2.24swho attended her sister's wedding last night.
1.2sThanks, Tom.
2.7sOne of the suspects has been identified as Peter Griffin.
4.44sBut the real story is, I'd be married, too, if I were willing to date a Persian.
2.45sGuys, they found him. Don't bother with the posters.
1.34sMy God, what is Peter thinking?
2.79sYes, he's crazy as a serial killer.
1.83sAll right, what do you want for your last meal?
3.5sI think I'll just have a salad. Dressing on the side.
1.87sI had a huge last lunch.
1.43sAll right, listen up in there!
2.33sLet's not make this any harder than it has to be.
2.37sWe have a lot of dumb cops here.
3.09sGuys, this is crazy. Plus, I'm a cop. I can't be a part of this.
1.77sCome on, Joe, this is our bar.
5.14sIt's where the three of us made that suicide pact that Quagmire and I are gonna back out of at the last minute.