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2.67sOh, my God!
1.88sAll right, Chris, where is it?
2.84sAnd don't try to act like you don't know what I'm talking about.
1.95sFine, you caught me.
3.77sSo I borrowed your bra. My boobs hurt when I go down the stairs!
2.87sNo, not that, you idiot. Where is the dead body?
1.47sI know you took it.
4.92sAnd don't lie, or I'll tell Jennifer Connelly that you're the one who's been mailing her those dog heads.
3sYes, I'd like to mail this to a whore.
1.47sOkay, fine, Meg!
2.44sI used the body to get me into R-rated movies.
2.47sAfter that, I took him swimming and he fell apart.
2.15sChris, Mr. Dougan's wake is tomorrow,
2.72sand there's going to be a body in that casket.
2.67sIf it's not his, it's going to be yours.
1.8sHey, guys, what's goin' on?
3.4sAnd no one says anything, which means they hate it.
1.9sOh, God.
1.93sI am so hung over.
1.67sMe, too.
2.9sBut luckily, when I'm hung over, I can just molt into another Peter.