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1.57sPeter, I thought you were taking us to a new drinking spot.
1.63sWhat are we doing at The Clam? Look, guys,
2.37swe tried other bars, we tried drinking at home,
4.15swe even tried the big end-of-the-year high school party that will change everything.
3.04sIf we don't lose our virginity tonight, we're never gonna make it in college!
1.47sHey, where's Peter?
3.55sOnly talking to Amanda Small, the hottest girl in school.
1.62sBut aren't you going out with JoAnne Fuller?
3.04sJoJo? No, she's my neighbor. I've known her forever.
3sShe works at her dad's garage. She's practically a guy.
2.03s(GASPS) JoJo?
4.35s(ONLY YOU PLAYING) Hi, Peter.
3sBut I thought you was workin' on your garbage sculpture.
2.53sThere was someone I had to see first.
2.27sSorry, Amanda. By the law of '80s movies,
3.8sa newly transformed tomboy supersedes your long-standing hotness.
4.02sAnd all I ever knew
1.4sOnly you