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1.44sSwanson, don't be a fool.
2.3sYou really want to throw away your career on this?
1.7sGuys, your bar is gone.
1.43sAnd since it's bank property,
3.24sI have no choice but to place you all under arrest.
2.43sJEROME: It ain't bank property no more.
1.47sJerome? What are you doing here?
3.4sListen, it's kind of all my fault this happened in the first place.
2.44sI'm responsible for Horace's death.
6.34sPlus, as a former athlete, it's my responsibility to invest my earnings in a restaurant, bar, or car dealership.
1.27sWhat sport did you play?
3sLacrosse. Which is also my brother's name.
2.39sLook, I felt bad about what I did to Horace.
2.8sSo, when I heard on the news that they were tearing down his bar,
3.24sI saw buying it as a way to carry on Horace's legacy.
2.6sSo I own the Clam now.
1.82sChief, you can call off your cops.
2.87sAnd you can send those bulldozers home.
1.97sYay, The Clam is saved!
1.33sYeah! All right.
2.74sWe pulled it off, guys. Oh, thank God.
3.7sAnd all because I believed in myself like Pop-Pop always said.