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2.3sIt's the cornerstone of our friendship.
3.47sTIM GUNN: Joe, this is Tim Gunn. I agree with your friend.
2.92sI got to get that guy out of my head.
1.94sLook, they're sending Joe in.
1.94sAll right, listen up, fellas.
2.67sJoe, wait, put your gun down.
1.83sThere's no point in fighting anymore.
1.57sWe'll leave quietly.
1.43sLike hell you will.
4.27sThis is our Clam, and we are not gonna let them take it.
2.32sYay! All right! All right! Yeah!
2.15sWe love Joe!
2.05sSwanson, what the hell's going on in here?
1.17sI'm sorry, Chief.
2.74sI just can't let them bulldoze this building.
2.94sHey, Joe, is this the same chief whose wife is a real hog?
1.44sSwanson, don't be a fool.
2.3sYou really want to throw away your career on this?
1.7sGuys, your bar is gone.