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3sThe bank said it wouldn't matter because you're a fat deadbeat loser.
2.14sFat deadbeat loser?
2.43sWell, Sir, While I may not agree with what you say,
2.47sI'll defend to the death your right to say it.
3.64sThere we are. It's a van Gogh print. Isn't it beautiful?
3.7sOh, yes, I've often fantasized about what this house would be like with more culture.
0.82sThe port is quite good.
0.93sYes, quite good.
0.9sIndeed. certainly.
0.97sWhat year is it? '51.
0.93sAh. Delectable.
0.93sOh, dear! What is it?
0.97sI spontaneously combusted.
0.93sOh, I am Sorry.
1.23sIt's all right. I'm tired of living.
0.8sVery good then.
0.77s- For the best. - indeed.
1.13sIs it raining again?
2.17sHey, Did you hear the one about us?
2.27sWow! You are such a good dancer.
1.37sWay to go on that beer bong.
1.5sYeah, no fake. No fake.
2.34sHi! What are you doing here?
1.33sWhat am I doing here?
2.1sI've been waiting out here for hours!
4.44sYou were supposed to pop inside real quick and find someone who looked enough like me so I could use their I.D.
4.64sAnd then you were supposed to come out and give me the I.D. so I could get inside.