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1.83sHow about a nice Kermit the Frog?
1.3sNo. I want a skull.
2.4sOk, well I'm gonna go ahead and do Kermit the FroG.
1.9sMom, this is so lame.
2.07sCome on, Meg. Try to have fun.
3.44sI promise after a few days here you won't even remember the words "spring break".
2.2sHey, How about some T.V.?
2.35sThis is M.T.V. and we're rocking at spring break!
1.88sHey, This is V.H.1 and we're rocking at spring break.
1.9s...leaving thousands injured.
5.25sFor CNN, I'm Bernard Shaw keeping it real and kicking ass at spring break! Whoo!
4.92sThere she is, boys. The S.S. More Powerful than Superman, Batman, Spiderman,
2.17sand the Incredible Hulk Put Together.
1.5sYes, she's a fine vessel.
1.97sWelcome to the wharf. Name's Hennessey.
2.85sHi there. Peter Griffin. My friends call me Peter for short.
1.9sI'll tell you a little secret, neighbor.
2.25sThe best fishing is at latitude 42,
2.29slongitude 71. Keep that to yourself.