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1.55sI've been out of work too long.
2.5sWell. I--I think you should find something you really enjoy doing.
1.64sTake those guys out there, for example.
1.87sOh, yeah. Now, that's a job.
2.07sFresh sea air, working outside.
2.27sThat's how a real New England man makes a living.
2.1sWell, Maybe that's something to think about, Peter.
1.32sWhat's that, Daddy?
2.57sWell, That's Mercury, Jake. The planet closest to the sun.
2.5sWhat it's doing down here by the wharf, I haven't the foggiest.
1.6sBut We should probably ask a scientist--
1.53sI'm a guy, you jackass!
2.4sAh, Yeah, that feels good.
2.24sChris, don't forget to mist under his chins.
1.97sOh, boy, Lois! It's a real mess down there.
3.87sI--I'm afraid I not going to be able to do this in the time I quoted you earlier.
1.23sChris, shut the hose off for a second.
2.03sEverybody, I have an announcement.
3.27sI am gonna drop this weight and rejoin the workforce.