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1.7sAmen to that, kiddo.
1.67sHey, hey You guys, here's one for you.
1.8sLet's say none of us were married, all right?
2.5sIf you could have any woman in the world, who would it bE?
1.13sMariel Hemingway.
1.05sAw, Come on. Really?
1sThAt's Not a good choicE.
1.57sShe's so jagged.
2.74sNo, No. I think she's very attractive in a classical kind of way.
2.13syeah, But you could cut a roast on her faCE.
1.7sI would go with Margaret Thatcher.
1.4sMargaret ThatchER?
1.5sWhy the hell Margaret Thatcher?
2.8sOh, So nobody here thinks power is sexy?
2.57sNot one of you finds power sexy?
1.05sHow about you, Peter?
1.03sOh, Like you got to ask.
1.8sThe chick with 3 Knockers from Total Recall.
1.32sI never saw that movie.
1.9sHey, You know one of them was papier-mache, right?
3.3sOh, jeez! Can I change my answer? Of course I know it's paper! I don't care!
3.1sWhat's wrong with you? Ha! What about you, Quagmire?
1.93sTaylor Hanson.
1.28sTaylor Hanson's a guy.