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2.32sAnd to the victor belong the spoils--
3.44sone trillion dollars in silken treasure.
1.83sMy fellow Earthicans,
2.24safter meeting with top voodoo economists,
2.94sI have decided to refund our silk surplus to you,
1.94sthe taxpayers.
5.37sThat's right. I've sent you each 300 buckaroos in the form of a Tricky Dick fun bill.
2.27sKnock yourselves out!
1.97sI'm slightly richer!
1.87sWhat to do, what to do?
3.82sOne 300-dollar hookerbot, or 300 one-dollar hookerbots?
1.8sI'm gonna swim with a whale!
3.5sThey're the gentle giants of the deep. I'm well aware of that.
3.49sScruffy's gonna get himself one of them $300 haircuts.
3.02sThis one's lost its pizzazz.
1.7sA fortune, it is.
3.54sAt last, Zoidberg will live like a rich man!
2.74sMmm! Hey, cut it out. Go away! Get away from me!