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3.42sOh, Kif, it was so romantic of you to rent this paddleplane...
1.92swith your tax rebate.
2.94sWe're like two dandelion seeds wafting on the breeze.
2.74sYes. Seeds. Wafting.
4.3sI almost feel kinda shallow for blowing my rebate on this cool talking tattoo.
3.6sHey, Gordon Gekko! I cost as much as this whole crummy date!
2sShut up-- Oww!
2.74sMa'am, it has become too much of a chore for me...
2.34sto clean out my wrinkles each day.
3.89sIs it true that stem cells may fight the aging process?
3.5sWell, yes, in the same way an infant may fight Muhammad Ali, but--
2.64sOne pound of stem cells, please!
3.37sOf course, any age-reversing effects will be purely temporary--