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1.78sSee you at the fight.
2.3sSo then I said, "See you at the fight,"
1.47sand that's the story.
5.54sMan, I thought ultimate robot fighting was real like pro wrestling, but it turns out it's fixed like boxing.
2.52sIt's one thing to win a fixed fight--
1.6sthere's dignity in that--
2.33sbut to lose, and in this atrocity--
1.13sI can't do it.
2.4sLeela, you've got to train me to win.
2.99sNo way! If you wouldn't take my help when you didn't need it,
2.69swhy should I give it to you now when you do need it?
2.07sWhat the hell are you talking about?
2.44sI don't know, but I'm not helping.
3.89sYou loved him as Bender the Offender.
8.51sNow, get ready to hate him as he threatens your sexuality in his new persona-- The Gender Bender.
2.93sI'm a real toughie.
4.67sSquaring off this Sunday, versus... Destructor.