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4.05sHey, how come when I want to do fun stuff that will kill me, you're against it?
3.04sThis is more important than that marble-eating contest, Fry.
1.1sIt's about pride.
2.03sLet me tell you a story from my childhood.
2.88sAh, again with the orphanarium.
2.09sWhen I was growing up at the orphanarium,
1.17sI got picked on a lot.
2.64sMy only outlet was Octouran kung fu.
2.6sBill, Keith, you will go to junior championships.
3.24sBill, congratulate Keith when he regains consciousness.
3.59sBut Master Funog, I can beat these dorks with one eye closed.
3.29sPerhaps, but there is more to winning than beating your opponent.
1.67sYou lack the will of a warrior.
2.05sWhat do you mean? Watch this.
2.3sNo girl has the will of a warrior.
3.94sYou have the will of a housewife or at best, the schoolmarm.
2.94sThat's it. I'll take you on right now.
3.35sVery well, but you see, I have the will of the warrior.