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2.54sOoh, this is real futuristic.
3.92sShh. Don't talk during the movie.
5.95sNew New York Mayor C. Randall Poopenmeyer opens a new tube line to alleviate rush hour traffic.
2.45sDateline: Paramecium Homeworld.
5.71sNewly crowned Miss Universe, Gladys lennox entertains troops fighting to wipe out the human race.
1.3sGo get 'em, boys!
2.95sAnd in the world of ultimate robot fighting,
5.96sthe Masked Unit wins his championship bout against Gorgeous Gonks by technical melting.
2.87sGo, Masked Unit!
2.07sHey, buddy. Yo!
1.53sYou mind taking your head off?
1.1sI'm sorry, sir,
2.18sbut I need it to watch the movie.
2.65sjust ask flabby over here to describe it to you, later.
2.67sSir, she is as the factory made her.
3.72sWell, they should have stopped making her about halfway through.