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2.74sAnd the winner is...
6.39sI've not seen a spectacle of this nature in all my years impersonating a sportscaster.
1.6sIt sure was some fight.
4.2sInteresting side note: As a head without a body, I envy the dead.
2.1sNo argument here.
1.83sBender, how did the fight go?
1.27sI heard somebody got flattened.
2.2sFry, where's your brain slug?
3.85sPoor little guy starved to death.
1.55sI'm proud of you, Bender.
1.87sSure, you lost-- you lost bad--
4.69sbut the important thing is I beat up someone who hurt my feelings in high school.
3.29sI'm in tremendous pain here.
1.68sGreat job, kid.
2.64sYou lost, and you made it look almost half-real.
4.17sI want you to have this card good for ten percent off at Bed, Bath and Beyond.