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2.59swe're pleased to present the Mutton Chop Murderer.
5.54sAt last God-fearing Londoners are free to walk Whore Alley.
3.45sStay your hand, Inspector. That man is innocent.
1.6sThe murderer's blade is covered with blood.
2.17sBut the handle is covered with something else.
3.6sThe unmistakable fragrance of eel pie.
2.53sHey, lots of people like eel pie!
2.15sYeah? Well, how many of them have mutton chops?
1.82sAnd why can't you be more like Eddie?
1.97sHe never says a word against me.
1.62sWell, that's because you cut out his tongue.
1.52s(MUMBLES) He's right, Chief.
3.54sInspector Wiggum, you are the most famous member of Scotland Yard.
1.6sWhy would you do this?
5.04sWell, the fact is I wanted to come up with a case even you couldn't solve.
1.32sAnd besides...
2.18sSo long, you stupid British twits!
1.42sYou'll never catch me!
2.38sI'm traveling at the speed of wind!