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1.7sI shall never grow up.
2.5sUh, in jail you will.
3.9sYes, I recognize this blade. I sold it as part of a set.
2.78sThe famed Seven Swords of Osiris.
2.67sNow would you be interested in an illustrated novelette?
3.02sIt also includes a young David Diligent adventure.
4.39sConfound it, man! I need to know who bought those swords!
3.12sVery well. I will check my records.
3.5sYou may examine my curios but do not touch my oddities.
2.79sUse your judgment with my gewgaws.
1.88sWell, I'll be blazed!
1.98sI know these missionaries!
2.77sI just told the natives they were having sex the wrong way.
2sHelp! Help! Murther!
2.33sThe Mutton Chop Murderer is long gone.
2.75sBut this ledger will lead us to him.
3.3s(GROANS) This potion will give me new life.