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2.29sMr. Flanders, why are you moving?
4sBecause I had a vision of myself shooting your father.
1.55sIn this neighborhood, who hasn't?
1.82sWell, you can't fight fate.
1.78sBut if you must shoot our father,
1.87splease remember our family motto...
1.72s"Not in the face."
3.04sDon't worry, sweetie. I am not gonna kill your father.
2.67s(LAUGHS) Flanders kill me?
5.09s(LAUGHING) You never killed anybody and you're gonna start with the big dog?
3.95s(LAUGHS) Homer, please don't tempt the gods...
3.19sI mean God. There's one God. Only one.
1.83sWell, sometimes there's three.
1.25sHey, Chief, throw me your piece!
2.07sUh, sure thing, citizen.
3.5s(GUN COCKS) Come on! Shoot me a new one! Ooh.