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5.61s(ENGINE SPUTTERING) I'm afraid I have some bad news, Simpsons.
1.63sUh, with the baby's extra weight,
3.04syou don't have enough power to make it back.
4.44sAnd one of you must stay behind to save the rest. Frink out.
4.05sOh, my God! This is the worst Halloween horror we've ever faced!
3.15sAnd white blood cells are attacking my clothes!
2.42sAlthough I must admit they know where to stop.
1.23sWe'll have to lighten the ship,
2.23swhich means one of us has to stay behind.
1.33sBart? Lisa?
1.47sFine. Me.
2.67sMARGE: Don't worry! We'll be fine!
2.4sI'm saying goodbye to everything I ever loved.
1.97sOoh. A marshmallow!
1.37sMmm. Mmm.
3.14sBoy, when God closes a door, he opens a window.
3.22sMom, did you have to fly out through all those boogers?