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2.34sNow, just breathe into him every three seconds.
2.34sMake sure you form a tight seal around his mouth.
2sShould I keep doing it?
4.19sWell, sir, just apply a smidgen of peanut butter to an ordinary pine cone,
2.59sand you've got yourself a makeshift bird feeder, sir.
1.88sI'm outta here, man.
3.57s- Okay. Everybody take out your junior Campers pocketknives. - Hmm?
2.44sYou guys get to play with knives?
3.4s- Oh, cool. A "spork." - Don't hurt me!
2.52sOoh. Sorry, Bart. That's a Neddy no-no.
2.02sYou're not allowed to handle a pocketknife...
3.02still you read this booklet on knife safety and pass a test.
2.75sAw, who needs a cruddy knife anyway?
0.65sKnives are boring.
3.29sWhen I say put your beer on a coaster, I mean it!
1.95sYou call that a knife?
2.4sThis is a knife.
2.82sDown I go.