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2.92sI found a moon rock in my nose.
2.74sHouston, we have a booger.
3.5sHey, loser, this planet's for space studs.
2.13sYeah, blast off.
2.15sI know you. My daddy took your beer.
2.72sWhoa! The baby can talk.
2.33sI am not a baby.
3.14sTell it to The Ear, baby.
1.94sGood one, guys.
4.52s- Simpson, go kiss the Virtual Ass. - Yes, sir.
3.57sYou poor little boy! Ah, no. He'll be fine.
3.22sHe's always gettin' himself stuffed into this or that.
3.5sIs that normal? Yeah, he's just playing Wiggle Puppy.
3.72sThat's a dog he made up who flies by waggin' his tail.