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1.7sThen let's go out and stop them.
1.08sAre you mad?
2.02sBecause that would make two of us.
2.38s(SIGHS) You're right. We'd never get anywhere.
2.2sWe'd just keep jumping back to where we started.
2.59sAlso, we'd die horribly.
1.8sYou see, we're shielded in here.
4.97sSo if we leave the time shelter and the button gets pressed less than 10 seconds later,
3.4sthe antichronitons wouldn't know where to send us back to.
4.47sWe'd be shredded across the time-space continuum like human coleslaw.
1.8sListen, I know who stole the button.
2.8sI wasn't gonna tell, because I don't like being helpful.
2.62sBut I do like ratting people out, so,
4.19sit was Fry. (ALL GASP) He took it to the Vampire State Building.
1.95sWe've got to get to him. But how?
2.2sWe can't leave the time shelter.
3.8sHooray. I'm trapped in a tiny fun room with friends.